Surrey Quays Then and Now

Surrey Quays has a rich heritage for its Docklands which were once the oldest and busiest in London; a network of working waterways, with docks and canals crowded with heavily laden ships from every corner of the globe.

Before the Surrey Docks closed in 1969, the peninsula that sits across the Thames from Wapping, Limehouse and Canary Wharf consisted of nine large docks, six timber ‘ponds’ and a bustling canal. The names of these docks – Greenland, Finland, Russia, Canada – indicated the origin of the cargos unloaded in them, from timber and hides to whale oil.

The area was also home to many shipyards from the Elizabethan times to the early 20th century, as well as working commercial docks.

Since their closure, this South East area of London has become one of the capital’s newest residential suburbs, offering modern architecture and efficient transport services, with further regeneration afoot.

Surrey Quays and its surrounding area is experiencing a renaissance, returning to its former glory as a vital and busy part of London; a new city quarter, alive with exciting projects, including luxury properties, education, business, shopping and leisure opportunities, all within easy reach of the City and Central London.

Tavern Quay’s waterside luxury apartments, with some of the best views of London’s iconic skyline, joins the rebirth of historic SE1.